When we show our respect for the other living things, they respond with respect for us.----Arapaho Proverb

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A tad late, but a sincere wish just the same!

I just love the change of seasons! I can't imagine living without a single one of them! And being a very seasonal person, I love to immerse myself in all the delights that each has to offer.

Ah, Summer: a time for swimming, gardening, and one of my all-time favorites, picking wild berries,( to name just a few). Today I spotted some ripe red raspberries on the numerous vines that grow along our 230' driveway. The very first of the season. They were delicious!!!! The catbirds 'meowed' their displeasure at my invading 'their' fruit, but there are plenty for all of us to share!

Tomorrow I will take my containers and go on a wild berry hunt. They grow in such profusion along all the country roads around here, that it is quite easy to quickly gather enough to make little wild berry tarts, AND have my lunch at the same time! Yum, yum!!

As a matter of fact, I love wild berries SO MUCH that I wrote a little poem about them (now imagine that!)


There is nothing else quite like it
Picking berries in the wild
Hunting for their hiding places
I turn into a child.

Following each tendril of branches as they go
Winding through the foliage; above and down below.
Then suddenly I spy one, or perhaps even a clump
I pluck each one so tenderly
And place it in my cup.

Even though their stickers
Might prick and cause me pain
Each one's a little treasure
And I'd do it all again.

These shiny, juicy globes I hold
Are worth their very weight in gold!

I dream of them in cereal or in a tiny tart
And try hard not to eat them all
Before I even start.
But, if I come upon some
On a hike along the way
Oh, then I stop and pluck them
And merrily munch away.

I love to think about the fact
That right this very minute
The sun and rain and air and earth
Are in each berry so exquisite.

Every juicy little morsel
An explosion on my tongue
And to think the berry season
Is still so very young.

So, thank you all, dear bushes
For your delicious treats
And thanks to the Creator
For providing such a feast!

I do hope that my silly little poem has inspired you to go in search of delectible wild berries in your neck of the woods. Happy hunting!!!

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