When we show our respect for the other living things, they respond with respect for us.----Arapaho Proverb

Monday, June 28, 2010


This evening, just as dusk was getting serious about it, the raccoon with her four babies and one of the fox kits accidentally met at the goose feeder. And what an event it was! The little ones immediately took to one of the large ash trees nearby, climbing up hysterically, while the fox gave mom a bit of exercise. She was very panicky, but the fox, exuberant as always with the enthusiasm of youth, seemed to be more curious than anything. I don't think that he associates the raccoons with a food source yet! But boy was he ever interested in the scent of those babies!!! (Oh, oh!!) After a hasty retreat by mom and the kids, he really sniffed up the joint!

Although I checked back often until about 1 a.m., I never did see see the raccoon family again. I hope they were with their mother elsewhere, and she was giving them a REAL life lesson on finding foods they are supposed to be eating and that they didn't all just go to bed hungry for lack of goose feed!

It was a very 'deer light' night at the cracked corn too. With the temperature still near 90 degrees and not a lick of breeze it was probably just too miserable to think about eating! The few who did make an appearance were positively plagued by hungry flies and mosquito's who always seem to find their appetites during the hottest and most humid conditions.

But what an incredible time for viewing the fireflies!! Thousands of them, flying both high and low, were flashing their amazing little 'light bulb' tails into the darkness advertising their availability. We leave the meadow out back uncut and I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the ones in the tall grasses, lighting up as they ascended, looking like so many tiny sparks coming off a campfire. What a terrific show they put on!!!

I could happily sit and observe all the interesting goings on all night long, but gradually my eyes become weary and my head begins to nod, and even I must call it a night. And so it is with a full heart that I now contentedly wish you all a good night!

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