When we show our respect for the other living things, they respond with respect for us.----Arapaho Proverb

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Although we only own 8 acres of land ourselves, we have the good fortune of having open space all around us. Across the street, in front of the house, are 25 acres worked by a local farmer who grows feed corn and soybeans.  And both behind us and off to the side are 250 acres of woods and meadows.  A most pleasant place to spend a few minutes or a few hours in peace and solitude.  I never know what marvelous discoveries I will make on one of my walks, but there is ALWAYS so much to delight me.

And so I would like to invite you to kick back, put your feet up, and come with me for a virtual walk in the woods.  Welcome to one of my favorite playgrounds.

It's such a lovely place. There is beauty here no matter which way you turn!

Or which direction you happen to look in!

I find such interesting things along the way, too.  Like this piece of tree root  that looks like a turkey foot. This little treasure came home with me.  It now resides on the screen porch.

In the woods, the unusual abounds.  Have you ever seen a tree complete with antlers before?

I came upon a large fallen tree that was hollowed out so perfectly it was almost a ready made dugout canoe! It's difficult to see the size of it in these photos, but it was quite big.  I could easily  imagine 3 or 4 petite native men taking it for a ride down the river, like a scene from a National Geographic documentary..

There are plenty of tiny delights to be discovered as well!  Like this nibbled mushroom.  I wonder who it was that dined upon it so daintily!

As a matter of fact, there are some pretty amazing varieties of fungi in these woods.  


And one day I will share with you some pictures of exotic mushrooms and other fungi I have seen over the years.  But for now I will 'leave' you with this one last photo. I hope you enjoyed this little virtual walk in the woods.


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