When we show our respect for the other living things, they respond with respect for us.----Arapaho Proverb

Friday, November 19, 2010


No matter the season, or if I am walking in the woods, meadows, below the dam or around the lake, Beltzville State Park always delights me at every turn.  But I really like it most of all in the fall, when things quiet down and the crowds go home. On days when the lake is unruffled by the steady passing by of boats, lying there so calm with barely a ripple, I can enjoy it's meditative stillness to the fullest.  I particularly love to see all the colored leaves that settle on the bottom so picturesquely.

This year there is a great deal of wood in the water.  It must be a real hassle for the fishermen in their boats, but I think it looks beautiful.  Sometimes the pieces look like a 'Lake' Ness monster surfacing, especially in a fog.  To me, this one looks like a large birds head, perhaps a sea gull or maybe a bald eagle. Look very carefully and see if you can find it.

Or do you see it better close up?

When I can pull myself away from the waters edge and head inland even just a bit, there is SO MUCH to photograph at every turn, that I am most grateful for my digital camera that doesn't eat up tons of film and need expensive processing, so I can bring it ALL home with me!  I just walk and click away as each new leaf and twig is even more beautiful than the one before and every turn in the path brings ever more delights.  I won't bore you with a million pictures here, but sit back a spell and enjoy the few I have weeded out of the bunch to share with you. It was a real hard decision, but the winners are........

And how about these bright green leaves in the middle of November!  Autumn is sure taking her sweet old time this year, and isn't it grand?  By now we should be looking at nothing but naked trees and shrubs and still the magnificent colors linger to delight us!

Now I know that dandelions are very sturdy little fellows, but this just HAS to be the last
one of the season!!!  And what a pleasant surprise it was to come across on the trail!

And last but certainly not least....I wonder who lives in the heart-shaped hollow in the bottom of this tree.  Perhaps one day I will go calling to find out.


Well that was a nice little respite, wasn't it?  I sincerely hope you enjoyed this little fall walk in the park with me.

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