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Friday, February 4, 2011


I can't help myself, I just love making snowflakes!!!  All Winter long I get 'flaky' as I thumb through my large binder of patterns trying to decide which to do next.  So I thought that today I might share some of my treasures with you.

First there are the individual snowflakes themselves.  They adorn just about every nook and cranny of my home for the Winter season. One year I actually whipped out 400 of them (no that's not a typo).

It was my daughters idea to decorate my 'tea' tree with snowflakes this year and she was absolutely right, they do look delightful!  Thank you Julie!

Here a flake, there a flake, everywhere a snowflake!  

It looks like a blizzard in here!

You never know where you might find snowflakes lurking around my home!  And from the largest to the tiniest, I am crazy about each and every one!

And then, of course, there are the doilies.  They entice me by their very names.  Like this one with the exotic title of Snowflower Doily.......

and Winter Wonderland.......

and this beauty called the Ice Blue Snow Crystal Doily that makes me feel chilly just looking at it! 

Even though this one is named the Star Doily, to me the center looks like two snowflakes, one inside of the other.

I even tried my hand at a set of yarn snowflake placemats.  They are so very thick and soft!  Only problem is, I can't bring myself to use them for fear they'll get ruined!  Oh well, they DO look equally pretty placed here and there (safely) about the house.

This giant one wanted to be a decorative pillow to adorn my bed.  It's actually a floral pattern, but to me it just screams snowflake!

 But the very best of all is a coverlet I created for my bed out of a micro fleece throw that I covered with crocheted snowflakes in all shapes and sizes.  Since no two are alike out in Nature, I decided to follow suit.

It took me most of last Winter to complete but boy was it ever worth it!  I just love how it came out!!  I can't stop looking at it!!!

Well, gotta go now, Winter is waning fast, and there are still SOOO MANY snowflakes left to make!  I'm thinking of branching out this year and adding a few more yarn creations to my collection.  I have a pattern around here somewhere for a lovely snowflake scarf.......and an adorable hat.........and a couple of  'to die for' afghans........and  then there are those delightful throw pillows............oh, and that beautiful sparkling snowflake suncatcher...........and......................



  1. Gorgeous work! You are very talented.
    Enid sent me your link.

  2. Super talented!!! Beautiful work....
    You and Snowcatcher.blogspot should see each other's blogs.....

  3. Oops! I just saw that you already know Snowcatcher!!! :)

  4. Beautiful snowflakes! I also love your Winter Wonderland doily!

  5. Snowflake throw is very nice! My cat's would love to sleep on that, so I guess I'll have to pass on making one. :-)

  6. What a wonderful shower of snowflakes! Enid asked us to drop by and what a great blog.

    cheers - AnnClaire

  7. Love your creative use of something so wonderfully beautiful!!!! Enid sure does know how to pick friends' blogs!!!!