When we show our respect for the other living things, they respond with respect for us.----Arapaho Proverb

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


When something catches my eye, I photograph it!  And LOTS of things catch my eye.  Thank goodness for digital cameras that don't need expensive film and developing.  I no longer have to limit myself to one roll of film or count how many pictures I've taken so far, I just joyously click away. Not all of my shots are worthy of the cover of National Geographic Magazine, of course, but I HAVE had my moments. And then , of course, there area those infernal moments when you see THE picture opportunity of a lifetime and where is the camera????  Oh well, it happens!!!!

Today I have compiled just a few odd things I've seen along the way.  Some are just plain funny and others fill me with wonder.  I hope you will enjoy them.

One day, I was walking along the edge of Lake Harmony in Pa. and saw, of all things, an alligator!!  Well, I saw his head anyway, the rest of him must have been buried in the mud.

On a recent walk in the woods behind my home, I came across these wonders.  You need to know that we've experienced some really strong winds off and on around here for months and yet this tree has somehow stood here solidly, on tip toe!!!

Now how amazing is that???

Equally amazing was this downed tree with a rock embedded into its root system.  I wondered if it was just kind of sitting there loosely, so I tried to lift it out.  But no way; it was like Excalibur all over again!  And obviously I was not pure of heart enough to accomplish the deed!

And yet just like the sword in the stone, it looked like it should be so easy!!!

Another time I was at Brady Lake and saw the strangest sight!  A tree apparently doing pull ups!  I wasn't going to get close enough to this one to see exactly how it was suspended, for fear of getting squished!!  But doesn't it look amazing just hanging there like that with no visible means of support?

This looks like two rock people sitting on top there.  I wonder if it was done on purpose or not.  You have to view it from just the right angle to get the effect.

Now I ask you, would you eat in a place with a name like this?  Even though the bus terminal is right across the street, perhaps they might have given the name just a little more thought. (There's no need to sue me for slander, it's only MY humble opinion!!)

Here is just a funny shot of my little red car parked, legally I might add, next to a little red fire hydrant.  I just thought it made a cute picture.

I know this is just a big crane atop that tall building, but I thought it really looked like a dragonfly.

I'm not certain what you thought of these pictures, but at least this glove is giving me a big 'thumbs up'!!

Well, that may have been quite silly but it WAS fun too, wasn't it?

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