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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Any time of the year, Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania is a special treat.  But the holiday season, with all the extra colorful lights and displays is my absolute favorite.  The day we visited was exceptionally guest lite and I was able to get many fine photos without anybody in them!  I did take a ponderous amount of pictures though (208 to be exact), and for fear of putting everyone to sleep, I have decided to break them up into categories for the next few days, and that will still only give you the very barest highlights!!!

Today I thought I might focus on the main conservatory and the absolutely phenomenal amount of blooms they packed into it.  Upon entering the building, the first sight that greeted us took my breath away.

And I just loved all the water features!!!!

There was so much beauty everywhere I turned, that I hardly knew where to look first!

It was like taking a stroll in a lush garden in the dead of Winter!

There were lots of decorated trees both inside and on the outside grounds. These are but a few of my personal favorites. 

And that doesn't even include the many outside trees festooned with more colored lights (after dark) than you would think possible for one tree to bear!  I would love to know their technique for applying the lights so profusely!  Amazing!!!  But I couldn't get them to photograph decently; perhaps when I get my new camera.

They always inspire me with their herbal displays too, like this tree decorated with large pots of culinary herbs....

and this magnificent wreath that would keep a kitchen stocked with fine herbs throughout the entire Winter!!!

I was just ambling along taking it all in, when who should suddenly come flying by, humming to himself contentedly, but this little bee.  Did he find himself a premier resort for the Winter or what!

But all this is just the tip of the iceberg!!  I have yet to show you the bonsai trees, the major leaf foliage displays and close ups of some really spectacular blooms, etc, so stay tuned to this blog and prepare to be dazzled!!!

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