When we show our respect for the other living things, they respond with respect for us.----Arapaho Proverb

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Each new season brings its own delights at our beautiful Beltzville Lake. In Winter, I particularly love to head down to Preacher's Camp Boat Launch to watch the ice fishermen.  Boy, you have GOT to be tough to enjoy THAT sport!!  I freeze just watching them from my car, window open, heater on the highest setting, and a hot drink in my hands. For me, that's quite enough roughing it, (at least where ice is concerned)!

Sorry, maybe it's only me, but standing on the ice hour after hour just doesn't seem like a good time!!  My toes ache just thinking about it!!!  Oh well, to each their own!

Over near the swimming beach they have lots of  picnic tables.  Look how Mother Nature has placed a pure white tablecloth upon each of them.  It looks as if she is preparing to throw some sort of formal reception.

I can't recall the name of the poet who once said that white birch trees in Winter resemble candles shining in the woods.  But I agree with him wholeheartedly!

This interesting tree looks as if it has a starfish on its trunk. How beautiful it stands adorned with its russet colored leaves in the snow.

You never know what you might come across at the lake and it pays to keep a sharp eye out for anything out of the ordinary.  We were just sitting at the edge of the boat launch in Pine Run, enjoying the beautiful view....

.....when I happened to turn my head to look off to the side. And there, I noticed a dark spot on the frozen lake.  I wondered what it might be and asked Frank to drive over so we could check it out.  I figured it was either a Canada goose or maybe a turkey buzzard.  It was sooo far off in the distance; hardly more than a tiny speck upon the ice really.  

But it was soon joined by another large bird.....

...and then a third! 

Focusing in with the light pair of binoculars we had in the car (the ONLY pair of binoculars we had in the car with us, ugh!), what did we see but a  whole family of bald eagles; Mom, Dad AND Junior too!

The largest bird, the female was busily dining upon a carcass of some sort, while the juvenile kept trying to convince her to share.  He tried first from one angle and then another,  all to no avail.  I guess he would just have to wait his turn and hope there was still something leftover for him.

Even when dear old Dad came along, Mom wouldn't share her meal with him!  I suppose in Winter, it's just every bird for himself!

Here is a shot of  Mom (on the right) happily munching away while her mate and child look on. Although it was my best shot of the day, cropped on my computer for a better close up, I don't have a zoom lens for my camera and was shooting blind (I couldn't even see them in the viewfinder).  It isn't a very good photo, but at least you can see them!

They entertained us for quite some time until they were frightened off by a cross-country skier passing too close for their comfort, without her even noticing they were there!!  How very sad for her!!

But the good news is, Frank has promised me a better camera (any day now), so DO stay tuned for what I hope will prove to be some VERY nice photos!!! 


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